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Strategy Development and Concept Implementation

We at Pixelated Consulting Studios know that implementation of a good strategy is vital and is what counts. We have a refined balance between research and liaising and collaborating with our clients to ensure good strategic choices. Our development methods allows clients to better understand their environment, reaffirm the purpose of their business, review operations and to put in place a strategy and implement said strategy that focuses their business for the future. Every one of our planning sessions are engaging and ethically efficient, ending with a strategy and an offer of support to drive the implementation of the newly created strategic plan.


As you can see below, understanding success is only half the battle






Hard Work

Operational Cost and Service Optimisation

Our core offering is Operational Performance Improvement. This is made up of 4 complementary services that together enable the achievement of significantly improved and optimised operations. The 4 services are:

  • Internal Process Improvement
    This service is focused on the improvement, optimisation, design and documentation of business processes
  • Workforce Management
    This service focuses on improving the performance of a process by raising workforce productivity through focused management and scheduling.
  • Organisational Alignment
    This service focuses on aligning workforce skills and experience with the process requirements. It involves comprehensive and scientific job analysis and design, supported by an independent assessment methodology that assesses staff competency, ability and personality.
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
    This service focuses on implementing a set of operationally focused management reports that enables management to monitor and manage how an operation is performing in terms of the cost, quality and customer service targets.

Project Services

These services are focused on achieving effective project set-up, planning, management and execution projects. This service is much like a project management services, offering clients the opportunity to complete projects with one of our project managers at their disposal. We have also aligned ourselves with project management firm Jerome Voller & Associates who are project managers specialising in construction, who currently have huge construction projects underway for Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) and Eskom.


Value Added Services

Our value added offerings are marketing, busines start-up assistance, brand management and alignment and business development.