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We are a new breed of management consultants with fresh ideas and a wealth of knowledge gained through education and experience with not only book smarts but fresh business insight. We believe that honesty and integrity are key in dealing with our clients as well as a high level of transparency, as trust will decide the level of quality in dealings between our clientele and ourselves. We consider ourselves forward thinkers.


As you can see below, understanding success is only half the battle






Hard Work

Tashianca Armino

Tashianca or Tashi as we affectionately call her, bachelor’s degree in Accounting and moved to a management consulting-focused career in 2010 after a long spell with a large financial company and since co-founded Pixelated Consulting Studios. Her extensive financial experience spans a large variety of industries where she has applied her business acumen and energy to assist businesses with financial projects. Her ability to take an objective view of businesses and see potential financial problems which may arise or that the businesses management team has missed within various companies is something that has made her invaluable to Pixelated Consulting Studios.



Dayne Völler

Dayne, who was a Business Economics major, with expertise in customer services, marketing, and business development and is one of the founding members and Managing Director of Pixelated Consulting Studios, established the company 2010. Previously Dayne was in business development, and before that was in marketing gaining years of valuable experience. He has a total of 11 years in consulting. With expertise in strategy development, alignment and implementation, Dayne has the ability to cater to many companies requiring solutions.



We are management consultants in an ever expanding industry, realizing that change is inevitable and that in the short term adaptation is vital for companies to grow. We strive to assist our clients in being a market leader in their various industries and to constantly be at the fore front of market trends and development of efficient and cost effective processes.



Implementing Concepts is Key

The management consultancy has its headquarters in the Western Cape and is represented throughout South Africa. Pixelated Consulting Studios primarily consults clients from small and medium-sized businesses, but also corporate groups and public sector organizations. Our brand of consulting is highly orientated towards implementation, which means that we don’t end our work in the boardroom presenting a concept, but see the implementation of the concept through to its completion.